• Number: 61823 (formerly 1823 and 75)
  • Class: GNR Class H4/LNER Class K3
  • Designer: Herbert Nigel Gresley
  • Builder: Darlington Works
  • Built: 1924
  • Configuration: 2-6-0 (Mogul)

Charlotte is a L&NER Class K3 2-6-0 Mogul who lives at Copley Hill.


Charlotte was built in 1924 at Darlington Works. By 1959, she was living at Copley Hill depot, in Leeds. She was present when Stephen told the engines a story about Scott, and she also made Wensley reveal that he was a not-so original North Eastern engine, but a British Railways copy of his class.


Charlotte is based on a GNR Class H4/LNER K3 Scottish 2-6-0 engine. 


Charlotte is painted in BR lined black. Originally she had a late crest but now her model is lettered 'British Railways' in cream on her tender.




  • Charlotte was the first female character introduced in the series.
  • Since episode 17X, Charlotte has worn nameplates on the sides of her smokebox.
  • Currently Charlotte's model was restored into ex-works lined black with British Railways lettering in cream on her tender.
  • Charlotte was named after and bought by Simon A.C. Martin's ex-girlfriend.


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