• Number: 61130 (formerly 1130)
  • Class: LNER Class B1
  • Designer: Edward Thompson
  • Builder: North British Locomotive Co., Glasgow, Scotland
  • Built: 1947
  • Configuration: 4-6-0

Thompson is an LNER Class B1 who lives at Copley Hill.


Thompson was built in 1947 at Glasgow as a Class B 4-6-0. Sometime afterwards, he was allocated to Copley Hill, in Leeds.

In 1953, Thompson was, like the other engines, confused when Scott accused Sir Ralph of being an impostor, and was present when Stephen revealed the truth. Also, when Gronk arrived at the yard, Thompson believed that he was just a "black box on wheels". When Allen praised Gronk on his shunting, Thompson simply snorted and left. He was also present when Hawk told the other engines that there was a thief in the yard.


Thompson is a rather grumpy engine.


Thompson is based on the real LNER Class B1 4-6-0 No. 61130. Two of his class are preserved.


Thompson is painted in the BR mixed-traffic black livery.




  • Thompson is named after his designer, Edward Thompson.
  • Thompson's face was also used for Jerry.


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