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    Peppercornn Class A1 60163 'Tornado'

    Review by Doug Teggin



    The original Peppercorn A1 series was ordered by the LNER, but the 49 locomotives were built at Doncaster and Darlington for British Railways (BR) in 1948–49, after the nationalisation of the railways in the United Kingdom. Following the modernisation and dieselisation plans of the 1950s, the A1 Peppercorn class was eventually scrapped at a comparatively early age of just 14 years.
    Other famous East Coast Mainline steam locomotives have been preserved, for example several Gresley LNER Class A4 and one LNER Class A3, 4472 Flying Scotsman, but all 49 LNER Peppercorn Class A1 locomotives were scrapped. The last was 60145 St Mungo, which survived until September 1966.
    The Peppe…

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  • Sir Ralph Wedgewood II

    Number 60103 ended service with British Railways in January 1963 and was sold for preservation to Alan Pegler, who had it restored at Darlington Works as closely as possible to its LNER condition: the smoke deflectors were removed, the double chimney was replaced by a single chimney, and the tender was replaced by one of thecorridor type with which the locomotive had run between 1928 and 1936. It was also repainted into LNER livery, although the cylinder sides were painted green, whereas in LNER days they were always black. It then worked a number of rail tours, including a non-stop London–Edinburgh run in 1968 – the year steam traction officially ended on BR. In the meantime, the watering facilities for locomotives were disappearing, so i…

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    ==="Of apple greens and things...Bachmann Tornado conversion 2" === ==WEDNESDAY, 5 DECEMBER 2012 ==


    'The time has come', the Modeller said, 'to talk of many things. Of chips and chaps- and livery lacks, of apple greens and things..."

    I'd had in mind for a good long time a conversion for the Bachmann Tornado model, more or less since it had come out in 2009…AGAIN!
    In theory there is very little which needs doing to the Bachmann Tornado to turn it into one of the Darlington batch of Peppercorn A1s, whereas the Hornby Tornado model, though more accurate to the real 60163, is not the best starting point for a conversion to one of the originals (unless you were to mix and match parts to get one of the roller bearing A1s; at which point I think I'…

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    “NEW! Bachmann Tornado in BR Brunswick Green”

    ==TUESDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2011 == == == ==In my previous review of the Hornby Special Edition Tornado and the Bachmann Tornado in Apple Green, I was impressed with the overall quality of the mechanism, and the accuracy of both models. == ==The Bachmann Tornado in Brunswick Green has been released for some time and I finally I was able to order it. == ==I’ll do another review with the Bachmann Tornado and Hornby Tornado-Special Edition in BR Brunswick Green. == == ==

    The first thing which strikes me when viewing the model is its paint colour. The shade of green is excellently done and it proudly replicates the shade. Unlike the previous model in Apple Green the shade is now a new tooling.

    Looking at my own…

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  • Sir Ralph Wedgewood II

    Sir Nigel Gresley the Grand”

    Wednesday, 9 July 2008

    This was my first OO/HO steam locomotive ever achieved from Bachmann:


    Finished in ex-works condition, 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley is ready for her first run!

    You may notice some changes that have been made to the A4. I wanted this engine to be completely ex-works, so the buffers, cylinders and the reversing rod have been picked out in "bolt gun metal silver" (from the Games Workshop range) which is my biggest complaint on the Bachmann A4, and the one least relevant to the model - which is still an absolute stunner. I attached a “Sooth no.21 generator” inside the model to give off smoke and steam through the chimney, cylinders and cylinder drain cocks. The nameplates were r…

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