“NEW! Bachmann Tornado in BR Brunswick Green”

==TUESDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2011 == == == ==In my previous review of the Hornby Special Edition Tornado and the Bachmann Tornado in Apple Green, I was impressed with the overall quality of the mechanism, and the accuracy of both models. == ==The Bachmann Tornado in Brunswick Green has been released for some time and I finally I was able to order it. == ==I’ll do another review with the Bachmann Tornado and Hornby Tornado-Special Edition in BR Brunswick Green. == == ==

The first thing which strikes me when viewing the model is its paint colour. The shade of green is excellently done and it proudly replicates the shade. Unlike the previous model in Apple Green the shade is now a new tooling.

Looking at my own footage of Tornado, where the shade changes dependent on light source in any event, it's up to the individual to feel if the model gets the shade of green spot on.

In contrast, the red lining along the frames and running plate of engine and tender are similar shades, but differently applied. The Bachmann model has this elaborate lining applied slightly wider, and the result is that the red appears much brighter. A quick glance at a photograph of the real thing, and it seems as if the models lining appears bigger as a result.

The red/black/red lining out on the locomotives and their tenders follows a similar pattern. Bachmann's lining out is marginally wide and the red of the lining out appears brighter as a result. 
This is particularly noticeable on the cab and tender sides of the Bachmann model. 
The nameplates and commemorative plaques on the smoke deflectors and frames are neatly applied on both, but the lighter shade of the “brassâ€
 colour used for the nameplates is not too good on the model, making the nameplate more faded as a result. 

A fine etched brass works nameplates is provided in the detailing pack if you want to make it more legible.

The size of the numbers on the model appears to be over scale. The early crest is neatly applied and stands out perfectly.

The works plates and RA9 numerals on the model is well applied and legible and the plug on the lower part of the model is crisply moulded too.

On the tender the builder’s plaque and dials on the cabinets are excellently reproduced on the model. The model does not acquire the extra warning flashes on the rear of the tender as on the real Tornado.

The smoke box door of the model is very convincing; the shade of silver for the smoke box door straps, handrail and dart are crisply applied. The upper lamp bracket is a separately fitted item.

The model has the upper hand with the distinctive chime whistle, which is a separate item and painted in gold shade.

The model has several separately fitted details which is good because sometimes the parts can fall apart while shipped.

The shape and size of the buffer beam is neatly applied. It however looks more rectangular. At the edge of the beams is supposed to have diagonals nailed but the entire buffer beam is squeamishly straight including the edges. However it has a trump card up its sleeve.

 The model has the red paint applied slightly bigger and as a result making the red brighter as a result which captures the overall look of the real 60163 Tornado.

 It also has the upper hand with sprung metal buffers, picked out in “bolt gun metal silver”. The heads are springy and perfectly applied.This was the first modification I made to my Railroad Tornado model, as seen here in its new guise as 60163 when first completed at Darlington works.

The piping around the smoke box area – is portrayed by the model therefore looking inaccurate in this respect to the real Tornado.

The valve gear is fine on the model although the connecting rods and coupling rods are chunkier. This is a perfect representation of Tornado’s motion.

This in stark contrast to the cylinders the Bachmann model’s is nicely moulded and shorter in length.

Curiously there are two holes for attaching the cylinder drain cocks and once again they are provided in the detailing pack and are painted in gold shade.

The handrails on the cab, tender and smoke deflectors are all separately fitted as well as those on the boiler. The deflectors are shorter. From delving into my photographs it seems as if the deflectors are slightly too short in length.

In a similar fashion in the cab of the Bachmann model  which has many separately fitted detail, including glazing on the cab spectacles and side windows, and separately fitted handrails, but the cab roof (as to be expected) is a representation of the original Peppercorn A1s and not reflective to Tornado’s different roof profile.

The whistle on the Bachmann A1 is on the correct side of the cab (leaving a hole for placement of a whistle in the original design specification), but is mounted too high, and too close to the safety valves.

Inside the cab, the Bachmann Tornado's boiler fittings are well painted, and stand out with a few separately fitted details such as the pull out regulator handle. The model features the cabinets under the bucket seats in the cab, as on the real Tornado. 
Bachmann's Tornado features a lovely etched metal fall plate, and cab doors too, as part of its detailing pack. 

The stovepipe chimney on the model is in two parts, with the top half allowing a switch between stovepipe and rimmed chimneys, and to be frank, this arrangement doesn't look particularly convincing for either Tornado or the original locomotives this tooling has portrayed.

On the boiler, the Bachmann Tornado's washout plugs are not particularly well moulded, although the overall quality of the moulding and its paint finish is excellent. The lower handrail is separately fitted.

The tender body is well moulded, but the Bachmann model edges out with its separately fitted details on the tender footplate, and with its standard fitted handrails. The printing of the dials and other painted detail is superior on the tender as a whole. It is a good thing that, like on the front buffer beam, the tender buffers are sprung metal as part of the frames.

The Bachmann tender is a good representation of the real thing. The only thing missing is the lack of roller bearing axle boxes throughout, and there is a significant difference in “lookâ when compared to the prototype. 

Finally, the model is equipped with NEM pockets, allowing for changeover of couplings from tension lock to kadees if required (as demonstrated on the tenders).
Overall, the model is impressive in its own rights, for different reasons. The attention to detail of the Bachmann Tornado by far is quite appealing; in contrast, the separately fitted detail of the Bachmann model is vast.
The decision to buy one will come down to, I think, price - the recommended retail price for the Bachmann Tornado in BR Brunswick Green is £150.60. I would come out with the conclusion that this model is better than Bachmann’s Apple Green model of Tornado as the numbers of unmatched prototypical features is lesser.

If you want the best "representation" of Tornado in BR Brunswick Green, then buy the Bachmann Tornado with all the separately fitted detail that comes with it.

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